Safe & Clean

Looking back on our Summer, we did everything we could to travel safely in family. We visited several places, and a lot of you asked us how it is to travel in times of COVID.  We feel that reality is changing again, and our trips probably start to be more contained andRead more >


Health First

I read the other day a Charles Darwin quote that made me think about the time that we’re living now. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable”.Be aware of the reality and do whatever we can to adapt it’s essential to maintain aRead more >


Nutrition – Interview Dr. Vitor Martins

My experience with nutrition…. And the good advice of Dr Vitor Martins  Nutrition is one the main points of a renal patient’s life. It is through a balanced and rich diet that we have a more energetic daily routine, with bigger vitality, and manage to prevent the decrease of ourRead more >


Being a father with kidney failure

Manuel was born and with him a father of two. If with Guilherme everything happened very fast, I feel that with Manuel, the father/sons routine is less hard then the first time. I remember that I started my treatments ten days before Gui was born, and if that shook myRead more >


Greece – Athens HD

1- Clinic’s address:30 El. Venizelou Str. Glyfada, 11675 Athens, GreeceΤ. +30 210 9638 360F. +30 210 9 638 361 2- How to make an appointment:website: www.dialysisgroup.gr/medical-tourism/email: xf@dialysisgroup.gr 3- Directions Nephrolife is: situated in the seaside idyll of the Athenian Riviera at the southwesternwater-front of the capital.In an area with a plethora of 5-star seasideRead more >


Dreamsea Surf Camp – Bali

As soon as we saw photos of this hotel on booking, we were in love with it. Was love at first sight. Padang Padang it’s our favorite beach in Bali and to sleep so close to the sand was an easy decision. One of our key points its comfort andRead more >

AmericaNova Iorque

Useful informations about New York

We never really considered New York.  Health insurances are expensive and, in Filipe’s case, would be absurd. Besides that, we always try to avoid mass tourism, and rather go where it is not so touristic instead. We must say that we’ve been such fools for the last 30 years. NewRead more >

LifestyleTravel with Kids

Five reasons to travel with children

1- Longer time with their parents:Besides that, quality time. How many of us, sometimes, arrive at home stressful and with no patience for the little ones? How many times do we give them the attention they need?While we travel they are always with us and, believe me, they appreciate spendingRead more >


Guide of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terres was for a long time in our plans, but we confess that it was our second choice when in our initial route, we couldn’t pass there.I insisted soo bad with Filipe, that he gave up, and now, we bring you our tour and what you need to knowRead more >