Safe & Clean

Looking back on our Summer, we did everything we could to travel safely in family. We visited several places, and a lot of you asked us how it is to travel in times of COVID.  We feel that reality is changing again, and our trips probably start to be more contained andRead more >


Dreamsea Surf Camp – Bali

As soon as we saw photos of this hotel on booking, we were in love with it. Was love at first sight. Padang Padang it’s our favorite beach in Bali and to sleep so close to the sand was an easy decision. One of our key points its comfort andRead more >

LifestyleTravel with Kids

Five reasons to travel with children

1- Longer time with their parents:Besides that, quality time. How many of us, sometimes, arrive at home stressful and with no patience for the little ones? How many times do we give them the attention they need?While we travel they are always with us and, believe me, they appreciate spendingRead more >


Moxy City Center – Frankfurt

It wouldn’t have been the same thing if I had written this text without taking a deep breath first, believe me. We had everything we wanted plus some extra glamour. Do not expect a highly fancy hotel, but a young one, with a relaxed, party type atmosphere to be withRead more >


Surf Spot Bali – Indonésia

For us, the best beaches are located south, in the Bukit-Pecatu Peninsula. Some of them are: Balangan, Dreamland, Padang Padang e Blue Point (Uluwatu). Balangan – this was the first beach we visited as soon as we landed in Bali, 2013. It was near the hotel, and we could getRead more >

Travel with KidsTrips

We love Asia

5 Reasons why we love Asia It’s no novelty we’re fans of the Asian Continent. From Bali to the Philippines, from Thailand to Singapore, our heart became addicted and why? 1- Low cost of living: despite expensive flights all living expenses are cheaper. From hotels to transport, from tours toRead more >


“Courage” as our middle name

How many dreams have we stored at the past? How many times we thought we wouldn’t be capable to reach them because the way we live doesn’t allow it? How many times have we lay down thinking how to turn our life meaningful to us and others? Call us crazy.Read more >