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Useful informations about New York

We never really considered New York.  Health insurances are expensive and, in Filipe’s case, would be absurd. Besides that, we always try to avoid mass tourism, and rather go where it is not so touristic instead. We must say that we’ve been such fools for the last 30 years. NewRead more >


Guide of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terres was for a long time in our plans, but we confess that it was our second choice when in our initial route, we couldn’t pass there.I insisted soo bad with Filipe, that he gave up, and now, we bring you our tour and what you need to knowRead more >


Istambul Tour guide

We never really thought Istanbul was worth it. If we intended to visit it initially, after the attacks of two or three years ago, it was crossed off from our list. Besides, we wondered Istanbul as a different city from what we found, with small buildings and run-down houses. MoreRead more >

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Our Havana road map

Sometimes I rather write about places I’m no longer at because missing them make me appreciate even more. This is the case of Havana. We fall in love the minute we leave the airport. Don’t go thinking we fell in love for everything and unlike what was to be expected,Read more >

Travel with KidsTrips

We love Asia

5 Reasons why we love Asia It’s no novelty we’re fans of the Asian Continent. From Bali to the Philippines, from Thailand to Singapore, our heart became addicted and why? 1- Low cost of living: despite expensive flights all living expenses are cheaper. From hotels to transport, from tours toRead more >


Czech Republic Prague – What to do?

Now that you know everything, here’s the question: what to do? (If haven’t seen the previous post, click here). We spend three days there and did everything. There is a lot of things to do and see, from monuments to urban art. We went there in December on purpose, forRead more >