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Useful informations about New York

We never really considered New York.  Health insurances are expensive and, in Filipe’s case, would be absurd. Besides that, we always try to avoid mass tourism, and rather go where it is not so touristic instead. We must say that we’ve been such fools for the last 30 years. NewRead more >

LifestyleTravel with Kids

Five reasons to travel with children

1- Longer time with their parents:Besides that, quality time. How many of us, sometimes, arrive at home stressful and with no patience for the little ones? How many times do we give them the attention they need?While we travel they are always with us and, believe me, they appreciate spendingRead more >


Guide of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terres was for a long time in our plans, but we confess that it was our second choice when in our initial route, we couldn’t pass there.I insisted soo bad with Filipe, that he gave up, and now, we bring you our tour and what you need to knowRead more >


Moxy City Center – Frankfurt

It wouldn’t have been the same thing if I had written this text without taking a deep breath first, believe me. We had everything we wanted plus some extra glamour. Do not expect a highly fancy hotel, but a young one, with a relaxed, party type atmosphere to be withRead more >


The Caretakers

“In sickness and in health, till death do us part”, was the promise we made to each other, the day we married. At the time, we knew about the disease though we were not aware that two years later kidneys would stop working and everything would change. Being a caretaker isRead more >


Surf Spot Bali – Indonésia

For us, the best beaches are located south, in the Bukit-Pecatu Peninsula. Some of them are: Balangan, Dreamland, Padang Padang e Blue Point (Uluwatu). Balangan – this was the first beach we visited as soon as we landed in Bali, 2013. It was near the hotel, and we could getRead more >


Cuba – Varadero HD

1 – Address where to get treatment: Calle 27# 114 entre 1AAvenida Varadero Matanzas Cuba. Tel: +381 11 4300350 2 – How to make an appointment: When I search for hemodialysis in Cuba, I found one internet page only: Latitud Cuba. It’s an agency that works in the tourism areaRead more >


Istambul Tour guide

We never really thought Istanbul was worth it. If we intended to visit it initially, after the attacks of two or three years ago, it was crossed off from our list. Besides, we wondered Istanbul as a different city from what we found, with small buildings and run-down houses. MoreRead more >


Everything is possible

I want to tell about how a renal Patient can live a fulfilling life. I remember very well the day in which I started dialysis. It was the 19thApril 2017. I want to the surgery room to place a catheter and, right after that, I started dialysis. It was aRead more >