About Us

Filipe Almeida

I’m 31, and I was born in Lisbon. I had a tuk tuk company where I was a tourist guide. Music lives inside ever since I know myself. I Play the piano and I love going to concerts. Travelling is one of the things that makes me feel happier and fulfilled. I surf and love to discover new spots around the world. I started hemodialysis 3 years ago but not even that stops me from following my dreams.

Catarina Almeida

I’m 31, and I was born in Lisbon. I’m a travel lover and have a strong passion for writing, photography, people and for defying everything that’s already been done. I worked 10 years as a team leader for a multi-national company and dropped everything going in search of a lifetime’s dream. I knew 40 countries up to the present. I studied Marketing and Publicity, and I am a mother of an unconventional happy family.

Guilherme Almeida

I’m three years old, and I was born in Lisbon. I already have been in 28 countries and I’m very astute. I enjoy animals and new experiences. I’m very sociable and I love to be in my parent’s photos. I’m a passionate for food, whichever it may be though I have a crush for carrots and broccoli. I’m a living proof that travelling with children is not a waste of time.

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