Czech Republic Prague – What to do?

Now that you know everything, here’s the question: what to do? (If haven’t seen the previous post, click here).

We spend three days there and did everything. There is a lot of things to do and see, from monuments to urban art. We went there in December on purpose, for our first Christmas market and now, we give you some tips for what you can’t miss.

Karlův most Bridge – One of the highlights of Prague. Crosses the Vltava river and connects the city oldest part (old town) to the Malá Strana neighborhood. The bridge goes back to the year 1357 and it is beautiful.

Staroměstské náměstí (old town square) – One of our favorite Christmas markets, is here. In between strawberries, melted white chocolate, and some wonderful cheeses, was the old town architecture that filled our hearts. It is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Astronomical Clock  – It is one of the city’s milestones, and no one visits Prague without passing by it. At the time we were there, unfortunately, it was being refurbished, and we couldn’t enjoy how it deserves.

Pařížská Street, Jewish  Quarter (Josefov) and Starý židovský
hřbitov, the old Jewish Cemetery – takes your heart out and it is indescribable what we felt there. We super recommend you to go in and see it with your own eyes. There are a lot of layers over the actual tombstones, so it is uncertain the number of people that are buried there. Even so, it is estimated that there are about 12 thousand visible graves and 100 thousand in total.

Spanish Synagogue – We bought a ticket that included all the synagogues and the Jewish cemetery. Our favorite was the Spanish Synagogue, and it’s beautiful to take some photos.

Petřín Park – We got there through a funicular and took the opportunity to visit the Petřín Tower. The structure as 60 meters height and is similar to the Eiffel Tower. Here, is one of the highest viewpoints of Prague and one of the most beautiful.

Mirror Maze – Guilherme, with only 8 months old, was delighted. A super nice and relaxed experience that takes you back to your childhood. It was not cheap for us, but if you go with a comfortable budget, go for it.

Prague’s Castle – The story of Prague starts here. We saw the sunset from the castle and it was magnificent. We haven’t found the words to describe the view from this place yet. We were lucky and saw the guard exchange.

Saint Vito Cathedral – Unfortunately, it was closed when we visited it, and we felt sorry for that. For what people told us, it is worth it, so, go there, it’s inside the castle.

Gold Street – One of the cutest places, and it is also inside the castle yard. The colorful houses tell us the stories of ancient goldsmiths, now is the place for craftsmen stores. This street is also famous, especially the number 22, because, one of the most influential writers from the 20th century, Franz Kafka, lived there from 1916 to 1917.
The puppet house was our favorite!

Gunpowder Tower – Was built-in 1475 as one of the 13 doors of the fortified wall with city access. Inside, it is possible to contemplate the 100 Tower City, being this one of the most special.

Venceslau Square – With 750m length and 60m width, it is the new town center. The most important historical event that happened here was in November 1989 with a demonstration against police brutality, that was the beginning of the Velvet Revolution and the fall of communism.

Communism Museum – A small museum that we loved. The museum tells the Velvet Revolution story from the propaganda until the censorship.

Lennon Wall – We love street art, and maybe that is why this was our favorite place. It is a John Lennon tribute, created by a group of youngsters after his assassination on December 8, 1980. The wall was painted several times, and even with surveillance, the messages, the graffitis, against communism, return. This is much more than just a memorial to the ex-Beatle and his ideals, it is also a manifestation of freedom of expression.

We took a walk close the Karlův most Bridge and establish contact with some ducks. You can take nice pictures but watch out. The ducks steal your food and other things they may find funny.

And for last, take a peek look at one of the smallest streets in the whole world. With only 50cm width and 14 meters long as pedestrian signals. It is located in Vinarna Certovka.

We hope you enjoy it and have fun as much as we did!

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