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Five reasons to travel with children

1- Longer time with their parents:
Besides that, quality time. How many of us, sometimes, arrive at home stressful and with no patience for the little ones? How many times do we give them the attention they need?
While we travel they are always with us and, believe me, they appreciate spending time with who they love, and our disposition is totally different when we are always happy.

2- Routines for adults;

We have our entire life to have a routine. It’s already too much when we have it as adults that we begin to implement it since they are born. They have to be in bed at X, they have to eat at a certain hour, and all of a sudden, they have more routines then ourselves. It’s not that routine isn’t important, but it’s good when they have time to do whatever they want with no rules. We also like that!

3- They know other realities;
They value their things and the way they live. They became aware that money is not reachable for everyone, and it doesn’t buy everything also. There are things way more important like knowing different ways of living and other ways to approach life itself!
It’s also a good chance to introduce themes like sustainability, making some beach cleaning activities, recycling, etc…

4- They learn to respect diversity;
We still live in a world full of stereotypes well, in fact, we are all equal. If they learn this while kids they’ll become better adults who respect people just by being people, not because of color, gender, or religion.

5- Outdoor activities boost the senses;
Learning new things all the time and get new motivations. There are foods, colors, sounds, smells that we don’t have in our daily life. Giving them that is giving them the world, without cellphones, tablets, or computer games.
The quality time that you spend with your children helps them boost the senses.

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