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We love Asia

5 Reasons why we love Asia

It’s no novelty we’re fans of the Asian Continent. From Bali to the Philippines, from Thailand to Singapore, our heart became addicted and why?

1- Low cost of living: despite expensive flights all living expenses are cheaper. From hotels to transport, from tours to souvenirs, we found at very affordable prices.

2- Food: we haven’t found yet better fruit than of the Asian Continent. Besides, they have their own spices. We can eat a full meal for 1,5€ in any local market or restaurant/eatery.

3- Its people: pleasant, person accessible and grateful. Having tourists visiting them means not only money (for local business) but also time for a little chat. They have always nice things to say and the way they thank is amazing. Besides, everyone has enchanting stories: it’s possible to live with so little…

4- Big cities or great paradises: we found everything. You can be in Singapore or Malaysia on those big cities watching skyscrapers or those cheap and expensive fancy shops as well as lay on a dream beach somewhere around the Philippines where the only infrastructure is a fruit stand.

5- Communication: it’s easy and fun to communicate. Most of them understand poor English (great for us). If they don’t, some good will arises, gestures will do really!

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