“Courage” as our middle name

How many dreams have we stored at the past? How many times we thought we wouldn’t be capable to reach them because the way we live doesn’t allow it? How many times have we lay down thinking how to turn our life meaningful to us and others?

Call us crazy. We’re going around the world. With a mom who left behind a 10-year job, with an almost 2-year baby, with a renal patient dad. We will prove to you there is no reason to stop living. To stop dreaming. To stop being grateful for what we have.

We will show there is no such thing as “difference” for is simply there is nothing that establishes what is normal. He will be able to get to tell his own story have his proper opinions through the experiences he come to acquire.

His school will be the World.

We will teach parents how to travel with children, we will teach patients with restrictions likewise Filipe, to search for better places to get treated, we will show we truly are not stuck to the places where we are or where we leave. Even that costs us disapproval from loved ones.

This is our life and this is the way we decided to live. We sold our tuk-tuk, we sold our house and soon we’ll sell everything that was inside the house. We will live of love and experiences. We will offer ourselves as hostages, for us and for each one of you. Each one of us tells a story. What’s yours?

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