Cuba – Havana HD

1 – Clinic’s Address:

Clínica La Pradera

Calle 222, município Playa, La Habana, Cuba

Telefone: +53 7 2725273

2 – How to make an appointment:

Likewise in Varadero the appointment was done through Latitud Cuba. Latitud Cuba is a tourism agency and deals with all communication between clinics and patients. The booking was made by e-mail as in Varadero.

Latitud Cuba – Yoanna Suarez

Email: yoanna.st@latitudcuba.net

3 – How to get there:

We stayed at a local’s house, Maria. We’ve spoken about her in other articles and she indicated Alberto’s contact. Alberto is a private driver. He charged 40 CUC, around 35€, to/from the clinic.

La Pradera’s clinic also provides transport for the same price.

4 – My experience and what went well:

All nurses are kind and helpful. Overall it is a good clinic, yet I felt they were too worried showing they are helpful. Wi-fi is avalable and internet cards can be bought at the reception for 1 CUC, around 0,90€.

5 – What can be improved:

Dialysis was appointed to 10 o’clock in the morning and it is a rough schedule for a tourist trying to get to know the city around. Besides, the clinic is 50 minute far from Havana city center and I ended up losing almost entire days when having treatment. In one of those days I asked to start dialysis a bit earlier and though it wasn’t for their delight on changing the shift, they went along with the request. They would always have 3 nurses in the room and on punch out time they were always nervous and made me feel insecure and imagine if they would be able to act quickly if anything went wrong. The clinic does not provide food.

6 – Cost of treatment:

I payed 110 CUC per session (approximately 100€) – tax included. On the first day of treatment the nephrologist did a check up to see if everything was fine. It cost me 40 CUC (around 35€). Cash payment is accepted as well as card payment, always in the beginning of each treatment. It is possible to pay for all treatments on the first day. Receipts/Invoices are always issued.

7 – Evaluation:

I rate this clinic with a 3 stars (5 stars for treatment but less though for all mentioned in point number 5

8 – Medical Examinations (last three monhts):

  • Medical Report record
  • Terms of perscription for HD treatment
  • Patient weight
  • Hepatitis
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