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We did a huge research for this one. Internet info was not clear, and we only knew it was a long distance from Nassau to The Exumas. We went to The Exumas for the tour of a lifetime but it’s really very expensive. A portion of our budget ended up ruined just because we wanted to see pigs and swim among sharks. Was it worth it? Every penny, but now we must stay on bread and water!

We flew from Nassau to Georgetown with airline BahamasAir. We were charged 360€ for a round trip, for all three, and both flights were delayed. Actually, delays are to be expected on the airline’s flights at any time of the day. We rented a car at Thomson´s for 54€ plus 12% tax, right in front of the airport. No caution was asked for the use of credit card. It was the last car available, so if you can, do book in advance.

Believe us, you will need a car because it’s not quite as simple to get to any place. You can rent a scooter as well.

We stayed at a cheaper hotel, if we take into account the island reality, still an expensive one, or weren’t we in the Bahamas. We paid 131€ per day for lodging at the Island Time Villas. The Best value for money we found. All others were more expensive still, like really absurd!

The Full-Day tour, though it took us to and from the airport and stopped at every place we wanted (Coastlines is the only one doing it), costed us 200€ each, and a 10 dollar bill per adult must be added for stopping at the sharks (captive free wild sharks), plus a 20 dollar lunch + 12%vat . Gui didn’t pay for he was not two years old yet. If he was between 2 and 4 we would pay half-price ticket and full tax fee and lunch. Everything is extremely expensive! We’ll soon be sharing all aspects and details about this tour.

In order to save some money, we opted to by snacks instead of bread, at the supermarket, the day before the tour. To get an idea, even shopping at the supermarket is expensive. Here, you must always add taxes, and a 40 dollar meal soon reaches the 50 dollar mark because of tips.

Here are some ideas of prices:

Small water – 2 dollars;

Honey/Small melon – 5 dollars;

Diapers (pack of 30) – 19 dollars

Basic sunscreen 50+ – 18 dollars

On the first day we bought 2 bananas, a pack of crackers, bread, chicken pate and 3 small waters, having paid 24 dollars.

In general, the Bahamas are not cheap at all and the Exumas island is an example of that.

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