Istambul Tour guide

We never really thought Istanbul was worth it. If we intended to visit it initially, after the attacks of two or three years ago, it was crossed off from our list. Besides, we wondered Istanbul as a different city from what we found, with small buildings and run-down houses. More so, we had been in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt, and none of us had liked these destinations. This was, thus, the third time we opened our hearts to a Muslim country, and we’re glad we made it so!

Now let’s get to the point:

How to get there:

Ataturk’s airport no longer exists and while this one was located 20 minutes from the center, the new Istanbul airport stays at a 55 minutes’ drive. There are not many options: you can take a taxi, bargain with local passenger transport and get to choose if you go private or sharing, or you can take the bus.

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