Prague, Czech Republic – Useful Informations

Prague is a friendly town at all levels. Easy to walk, easy to get, and easy to visit. But let’s start from the beginning.

We were there in December. Guilherme was just 8 months old, so, it was his first plane trip. Prague was our debut to see how he would behave on the flight, and it went well.

How to get there?

We flew from Lisbon with Czech Airlines, and it was a quiet flight. In Prague, we took the Bus 119 to Nádrazi Veleslávin, and then, the metro to the hotel.
While we were walking to the hotel, a taxi driver approached us and said he would take us for free. We found that a little bit suspicious, but after we realize he was looking for his daily good deed and we accepted. How can you not get a good impression right away?!

How to get around?
So, it’s a friendly town, remember? The metro, tram, bus grids are great! Considering our hotel location, we didn’t get the 3-day ticket, which was expensive, we decide to buy individual tickets when necessary. It was a smart decision!
The tourist pass gets you some discounts and entrance to some attractions. More info here:
If you like to walk, Prague is wonderful for that. One night, we did 2 km pushing the stroller, from the Astronomical Clock to our hotel, and we didn’t even notice. It is such a beautiful town that you won’t get tired at all.

Where to stay?

We stayed in Malá Strana, the most picturesque part of Prague. From the hotel, you have great access to the center, and it is a calm area with a lot of history. It is not a fancy hotel, but the staff’s sympathy is guaranteed.  It was amazing to spend 3 nights there.
The breakfast is reasonable.
We recommend three regions to stay: Malá Strana, Historical-Center+Staré Mesto, and Venceslau Square.

Exchange money?

Euros in Portugal, Czech koruna (CZK) in Prague. There are several options to exchange money but be aware of scams. You have the currency exchange places in the airport and the city. Maybe it’s the most expensive option because, sometimes, they tell you the exchange rate only after the exchange. If this is your only option, ask the exchange rate and how much you’re going to receive first.
Don’t be scammed.
We rather withdraw money from the ATMs machine, and believe me, the rate was much less then what they charge you in town.

When to visit?

We went in December, and it was snowing.
We wanted to see the Christmas markets so, we thought that even with rain, it was worth it. So, we had it, and some snow also, but it was sunny most of the days and perfect to visit the entire city.
The best time to visit Prague is between Abril and September (from Spring to Fall), that’s when you have warmer days and less rain.

You can’t miss this:
Hot wine and the Trdelník. We always had this aversion to hot wine. It sounds weird, but after tasting it, we became huge fans! The Trdelník, it is a kind of cake on a stick that eat simple or with filling. You can add ice cream and other toppings in the Summertime, but since it was cold, we ate it simple, and it was marvelous.

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