Dreamsea Surf Camp – Bali

As soon as we saw photos of this hotel on booking, we were in love with it. Was love at first sight. Padang Padang it’s our favorite beach in Bali and to sleep so close to the sand was an easy decision. One of our key points its comfort and it makes much more sense with Guilherme now.

We arrived at the hotel with the help of the driver that we hired on booking. We paid 12€ for all of us. The hotel is right on top of a challenging stairway path that heads to the beach, but it is worth it every step. That pathway could be a little harder with small children, but do it slowly, and you’ll get there.

After this stage, the rooms are exactly like the photos and then, we start our dating. The waves would sing every night in our ears. The lull was so smooth that you would fall asleep instantly. The room as a private bathroom and air conditioning. The view from the big bed is exactly like being laid at the beach in a perfect late afternoon. Tranquility, that’s perhaps the best word to describe what we felt.
In the morning, Filipe would sit on the armchair to watch the waves through the glass windows. He didn’t even wake me up sometimes. He would go out to surf and came back full of energy and with the heart full of stories.

But, as in any relationship, not everything is perfect, so there are some important things to say. Everything is made of bamboo so you need to respect the silence at all costs. We could hear our next-door neighbor calling her mother and she would cough all the time at night when Guilherme spoke to us a little bit louder before bedtime. She wanted peace but a young couple with a babe that’s not synonymous with it.

We had breakfast with a wonderful view, the same we had in our room. You can have pancakes, scrambled eggs with bacon, fresh fruit, and fruit juices. They also had avocado toasts and some other delicacies that we would only eat at lunch, like smoked salmon.
The hotel as a straight access to the beach which makes that area almost exclusive to the hotel guests. The hotel offers the possibility of yoga and surf lessons.

If you need help to take your luggage upstairs when you check-out, ask the sweet, lovely, and helpful staff for help, and they will do it for 50000 IRD per two bags.

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