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I read the other day a Charles Darwin quote that made me think about the time that we’re living now. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable”.
Be aware of the reality and do whatever we can to adapt it’s essential to maintain a healthy life. In my case, managing the changes on my day-to-day has been a constant for the last three years. First were the dialysis treatments I need to do three times a week. With all the restrictions imposed by the disease, I get in treatment routines, and I try to do the max to live a fulfilled life. In the last months, the challenges increased with the pandemic, and what seemed to be temporary revealed it longer than expected. To protect and adapt myself to the circumstances, by option, I started an early quarantine that lasted until Manuel’s birthday. I always had in mind all the rules of protection when I went out.

The use of mask doesn’t have to be necessarily boring. We have to look at it as the only way of protection available as well as social distancing, washing our hands frequently and a proper disinfection. We should use our mask every time we go out ideally, not just in closed places. Remember that our immunity is fragile and protection is our best friend!
Using a mask is the way of adapting to these challenging days. For all of us!

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