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Looking back on our Summer, we did everything we could to travel safely in family. We visited several places, and a lot of you asked us how it is to travel in times of COVID.  We feel that reality is changing again, and our trips probably start to be more contained and controlled. With a patient belonging to a risk group, we need to take care of our health so, with no fear or extreme behaviours our heart tell us to slow the rhythm down. 
We know that going out to work is a reality for a lot of families and, on today’s blog post, we give you some tips and hints of how we manage to book our getaways together. 

  • Chose places with the Safe&Clean stamp to make sure it fulfils all the safety measures;
  • Prioritise small hotels or Airbnb to avoid less contact with other guests;
  • Try to understand the hotel logistics. We called several hotels and asked how they manage the breakfast, which measures do they adopted on the guests management. If it is not clear when you’re booking, send them an e-mail and they will give you all the information.
  • Use of face masks indoors and social distance. Even with face masks, we avoid the physical contact. We abolished the kissing and hugging completely (we had to, but believe us that was really hard…);
  • Go out for dinner, only with reservation and a booked table. With that, we avoid waiting in contact with other people. We also prefer schedules with fewer people – we eat earlier than most people, so we leave when everyone is arriving;
  • Book the hotels during the week. It is a suggestion. Unfortunately, we didn’t follow it since we had to return home for the dialysis treatments. Use the common spaces outside the busy hours. As with the restaurants, we privilege the use of common areas in less usual hours. We go to the swimming pool early in the morning while everyone is having breakfast, for example;
  • If possible, have meals at home (Airbnb case). If you’re in a hotel, you can buy some snacks and eat them on the porch, in the garden, in the room, at the beach, and control better whoever is around you.

These were some of the measures we took. What about you? What do you do for your safety?

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  1. Bonjpur je m’apelle nadege jai 38 ans jai ete greffer deja 3 fois mais je pense retourner en dialyse en sous peu… je suis totalement admirative de votre parcour de vie de famille serai til possible d’avoir des infos sur la dialyse a tAiwan? Nous avions pour projet de partir avec mon mari j’espere ne pas avoir a briser sont reve et pouvoir partir malgrer la dialyse . Chaleuresement nadege

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